Somalia, Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC)

The Somalia, Somali Natural Resources Research Center has been a Member since 2021.

Somali Natural Resources Research Center (SONRREC) is a non-profit and independent research organization that was established in 2016 with the objective to manage, protect and shape the country’s natural resources in a sustainable manner by improving the economic well being and eradicate the poverty through evidence-based scientific research, capacity development and consultancy. The center was founded by a group of multi-disciplinary sciences with an overall objective of finding science-based solutions to development through actively participating and supporting achievements of the country’s vision and strategy on development as well as regional and global agenda in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SONRREC’s scientists and researchers believe that Somali’s Natural resources are at the foundation of fundamental economic opportunity and nation well-being. However, without scientific research on natural resources management and development, Somalia could not or has a long way to go to utilize its natural resources for economic growth, employment opportunity, and country’s well-being. SONRREC was founded to promote research development to respond to the lack of research on Somali’s natural resources and to mitigate the long-lasting problems to provide consultation services and effective research and training on the modern practice of natural resources for environmental sustainability and sustainable development. SONRREC was established to fill the gap in research on natural resources in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Marine Resources, Water Resources, Energy, Petroleum and Minerals, Environment, and Resilience sectors in Somalia followed by the International standards and best practices.

SONRREC is a unique multi-disciplinary center of excellence in Somalia by delivering high-quality scientific research, capacity development, and consultancy in support of Somalia food security, sustainable development, and poverty reduction with the dedications to promote natural resources and environmental protection in order to empower and improve livelihood conditions of the poor pastoral, agro-pastoral and coastal communities in Somali through evidence-based solutions.

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