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Türkiye, Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA)

The Turkish Academy of Science (TÜBA) has been a member since 2002.

The Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) is a scholarly association which aims to promote scientific activities within Türkiye and to provide input on national science policy.

TÜBA was established in accordance with the Statutory Decree No. 497, which entered into force on 2 September 1993. After the appointment of the founding members by the Prime Minister, the formation of the first general assembly, the election of the Chairman and Academy Council members and the appointment of the Chairman were completed, the Academy began operating on 7 January 1994.

In accordance with law, TÜBA is a legal entity with scientific, administrative and financial autonomy, which reports to the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

• To carry out the studies intended to give direction to science policies and provide science-based consultancy service
• To prize and encourage scientists and their achievements based on scientific worthiness
• To encourage to be scientist
• To give guidance to spread scientific approach and thinking in society
• To be an active partner of world science community
• To take charge actively in application and development of Turkish as science language
• To be an academy performing understanding of corporate governance succesfully

In order to interiorize science at a global level in Turkey, in cooperation at national and international level, with an approach serving for national goals and strategies

• To give direction to science policies of our country
• To give all stakeholders science based consultancy service
• To encourage science and scientists
• To make people adopt scientific thinking
• To work for making «Turkish» a science language
• To fortify international scientific collaboration representing our country internationally.

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