Uzbekistan, Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences has been a member since 1992.

Founded in 1943, today the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the highest state scientific organization that carries out basic and applied research in the field of science, engineering, culture and education. It coordinates scientific inventions and developments and promotes the application of scientific achievements and high technologies, thus contributing the increase of the intellectual, economic and spiritual potential of the state.

It organizes the academicians and foreign members of the Academy of Sciences, as well as the researchers and specialists working in the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan institutions. The highest body is the annual meeting, participation in which is obligatory for academicians.

Based on the important tasks of the sustainable social-economic and spiritual-educational development of Uzbekistan, the Academy of Sciences determines the priority and perspective directions in science, develops the programmes of the long-term basic and applied scientific research and puts them into practice.

The Academy of Sciences subdivides into the following scientific divisions and regional branches: physical and mathematical, astronomical and technical sciences; chemical and biological, medical and Earth sciences; social sciences and humanities; Regional branches of the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences (Karakalpak Division of Sciences, Samarkand Division of Sciences, Bukhara Scientific Centre and Khorezm Division of Sciences (Mamun Khorezm Academy)).

The Academy of Sciences currently consists of 48 research institutes, which carry out activities covering about 422 sub-disciplines of various fields of science. At the same time, there are the Publishing House “Fan”, the Main Library, five museums and other institutions in the structure of the Academy of Sciences.

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