Venezuela, National Fund for Science, Technology and Innovation (FONACIT)

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Research has been a member since 1955.

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (Fondo Nacional de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación – FONACIT), created in 1967, is an autonomous institution with the objective of promoting processes of innovation through the development of scientific and technological research and the building of a National System of Innovation (NSI). Its programmes comprise basic and applied research, the training of human resources, the creation and strengthening of information systems, the induction of changes in the structure of the relations of the NSI agents, and the promotion of links with the rest of the world in order to favour the participation of the NSI agents in international programmes.

The Council also formulates the political policy of the National System of Innovation, an advisory body to the National Executive, and coordinates actions with public and private organizations at the national level in different science, technology and innovation fields.

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