Arianna Becerril-García

2021 Early Career Scientist Award (South America and the Caribbean) Recipient

Arianna Becerril-García

In 2002, Dr. Becerril-García co-founded the Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal in the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, based on a vision of science as a common and public good. She has been successfully developing technology for non-commercial journal publishing, discoverability of open content and metrics for research assessment based on an approach that enables bibliodiversity, multilingualism, sustainability and inclusivity in academy-owned scientific publishing. She is leading the CLACSO’s Working Group on Open Knowledge as Commons with the participation of 26 researchers from 10 countries. Together with UNESCO, she has organized the recent Open Access Essay Competition for advanced students and young researchers, and she is working with institutions in Angola to advance non-commercial scholarly communications and Open Science.

The 2021 Prize

All 2021 awardees received an original piece of art by scientific photographer Karl Gaff who specializes in microscopy art. Arianna Becerril-García received ‘Tree Crown’.

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