Claudia Guerrero

President of Caravana de Asistencia Social, Panama

ISC Fellow

Claudia has a B.A. degree from the Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (ULACIT), and a Diploma in Finance and International Banking.

She has served for the past 25 years as an analyst, Deputy Director, and Director, of international relations and international cooperation, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health, and in the private sector with Bank BLADEX, with the duties of following on the institutional relations with shareholders.

She has worked at the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, also an independent consultant for the U.S. government, multilateral agencies such as PAHO, OAS, and the Global Fund.

At her last post (Dec. 2019), she served as Director of International Technical Cooperation at (SENACYT). She promoted science & technology as a tool for fostering development and improving competitiveness of Panama in the LAC region and promoting Panama as a Hub for Science and Technology.

On her international activities, represented Panamá on multiple international meetings, presidential summits, ministerial conferences, as well as on resource mobilization committees, health and environment committees and as a national delegate for free trade agreement negotiations with Mexico, Central America, Singapore, Taiwan, and most recently with the EU.

Currently she is the President of a Panamanian NGO Caravana de Asistencia Social.

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