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Corina Risso

ISC Fellow (2023)

PhD in Geology, FCEyN – Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).
Lecturer and Investigator for 44 years at the Department of Geology-UBA
3 times head of the Geology Department, FCEyN– UBA
Head of the Scientific Antarctic Base: Deception Island, South Shetland Islands 1989-1998.
First Argentinian woman to direct a Scientific Antarctic Base.
Head of the Deception Volcanological Observatory (WOVO)
Director of three research projects in hydromagmatic volcanism and Co-Director of nine projects in monogenetic volcanism.
Author of 27 (most important) research papers in international journals.
More than 75 papers in International Conferences.
More than 15 scientific/geological outreach programs.
Co-author of four books on volcanology.
Referee of many International Journals

2023-2015. Chair/Member of the Finance Committee.
Vice President Argentine National Committee IUGG (2002-present).
President of the IAVCEI National Subcommittee.
President of the IAVCEI 3rd Maar Conference, April 2009.
Argentine delegate in IUGG GA since 1991

Reviewer Geo-conservation Research: The Ghosts of Old Volcanoes, NZ.
Reviewer IUGS,UNESCO. Tunghuragua Volcano.
Reviewer World Heritage Programme: Los Alerces National Park.
Reviewer IUGS Izu peninsula, Japan and Grutas del Palacio, Uruguay.

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