Courtney Radsch

Member of the Expert Panel for the ISC project:
Public Value of Science

Courtney C. Radsch, Ph.D., has spent more than twenty years working at the intersection of technology and media as a scholar, journalist and advocate. Currently her research focuses on media and technology policy, information integrity and AI systems, digital governance, and influence operations and is based on empirical research with a focus on the Global South. Dr Radsch is the author of numerous research papers, book chapters and her articles have been published in leading global and local media outlets and peer-reviewed journals. Her book Cyberactivism and Citizen Journalism in Egypt: Digital Dissidence and Political Change was published in 2016 and she previously worked as a journalist in the Middle East. Dr. Radsch’s research and work are informed by a commitment to human rights and ensuring the sustainability of independent media, and to that end she provides expertise and strategic consulting to mission-driven organizations.  

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