Germán Antonio Gutiérrez Dominguez

Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Animal Learning and Behavior

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC)

Involvement at the ISC

  • Member of the Liaison Committee of the ISC Regional Focal Point for the Latin American and Caribbean Region


Germán Gutiérrez is a psychologist from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNC). He holds masters and Ph.D. degrees in Psychobiology and Behavioral Neurosciences from the University of Texas at Austin, USA. Gutiérrez is a professor and director of the Laboratory of Animal Learning and Behavior at UNC. His research studies the evolution of learning mechanisms in reproduction and other behavioral systems using animal models. He has also researched psychology’s history and development, mainly in the Latin American region. He has held multiple management roles in academic and professional contexts; he has been President of the Colombian Association of Psychology Departments and Faculties, Vice-President of the Colombian College of Psychologists, Associate Dean for Research, and Chair of the Department of Psychology at UNC. He was also President and Treasurer of the International Society for Comparative Psychology. Gutiérrez organized multiple capacity-building activities leading to the creation of the Observatory of Psychology in Latin America, contributing to understanding the discipline’s development and the profession in the region. He is currently the president of the International Union of Psychological Science, the leading global psychology organization.

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