Hélène Jacot des Combes

Project Manager

Hélène is originally from France but she worked in Germany and in the Pacific Small Island Developing States. She joined the ISC as a Project Manager in early October 2023. Her main role focuses on the management of the review and update of the Hazard Classification and Definitions and Associated Hazard Information Profiles (HIPs) and of other projects related to Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) at the ISC. She also manages and supports other ISC projects, providing advice and thematic expertise on DRR, and work with partners within and outside the ISC to ensure good communication and information sharing.

Hélène holds a PhD on paleo-oceanography from the University of Lille in France.

Prior to joining the ISC, Hélène worked for eight years as an academic staff at the Pacific Center for Environment and Sustainable Development center of the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. She then became an adviser to the Government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands on climate change adaptation and disaster risk management for the World Bank funded PREP II project. She was also a lead author for the IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate in 2019.


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