Anne Husebekk

Professor in Immunology at the Faculty of Health Sciences at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT)

– ISC Vice-President for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (2022-2024)
– Chair, ISC Standing Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (2022-2025)
– ISC Fellow

Anne Husebekk

Professor Husebekk is a physician by training (MD, specialist in immunology and transfusion medicine), and is professor in immunology at the Faculty of Health Sciences at UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT). Professor Husebekk has been working with basic immunology related to the fetal-maternal interface and brake of tolerance of the mother for paternally derived antigens.

She was rector at UiT from 2013-2021. She served as vice president of the International Society for Transfusion Medicine from 2008 to 2012. Having served as a member of the board of the Division for Society and Health at the Research Council of Norway from 2012 to 2015, professor Husebekk was appointed member of the board of the Research Council’s Division for Science 2015-2018. She is board member in UArctic from 2018.

Professor Husebekk has been interested in science diplomacy and science in collaboration with the pubIic and business area. Professor Husebekk was appointed by Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg as the Norwegian member of a Norwegian-Swedish-Finnish group of experts tasked with identifying potential areas of business development in the Scandinavian Arctic (Growth from the North).

Professor Husebekk discusses Arctic questions internationally and is in particular interested in climate and environment, health and geopolitics.

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