Joy Owango

Founding Director

Training Centre in Communication

Involvement at the ISC


Joy Owango is an experienced award-winning founding director with a demonstrated history of supporting early-career researchers. She is skilled in management, business strategy and research metrics and in matters relating to research capacity, higher education, research analytics, donor and government relations.

Owango is experienced in creating and  building collaborations using the triple helix  in industry, academia and government. She has created  such collaborations with the Training Centre in Communication (private/ Non-Governmental Organization) and the University of Nairobi. The objective of the collaboration was to  create a support system to help researchers disseminate their research. The programme is celebrating its 14th year anniversary. She sits on the board of AfricArxiv- The free preprint service for African scientists.

She is a firm believer  in open science  being a conduit to  democratizing higher education and fulfilling the SDG 4.

The page has been updated in May 2024.

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