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Katalin Solymosi

ISC Fellow (2023)

Katalin Solymosi is a plant biologist working as habilitated assistant professor at the Department of Plant Anatomy, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary. She has graduate and postgraduate teaching experience in Hungarian, French and English at ELTE (since 2001), Semmelweis University (2005-2020) and the University of Burgundy (2006-2010).

Her research interests include medicinally important metabolites and natural food colourings produced by plastids, as well as the effect of different stressors (e.g. drought or salt stress) on plastid differentiation, structure and function, especially in the context of sustainable agriculture and climate change. Her work was awarded, among others, by the L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Women in Science Scholarship, the Hungarian Biophysical Society and the Hungarian Electron Microscopy Society.

Katalin is devoted to science outreach through papers and social media posts, various events (European Researchers’ Night, Fascination of Plants Day etc.), and expositions of her award-winning microscopic images or drawings and paintings. She is active in science policy and advocacy for early- to mid-career researchers as well as women in science at national and international level as founding member (2019-2023) and former co-chair (2021-2023) of the Hungarian Young Academy; board member (since 2020) and chair (since 2023) of the Young Academy of Europe.

The page has been updated in May 2024.

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