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Mitsunobu R. Kano

ISC Fellow (2023)

Dr. Kano’s research involves combining medicine and nanotechnology to address the issue of drug-treatment-refractory cancers. In parallel to his research, he contributes to bridging between science and society.

He founded the Young Academy of Japan and was elected as an Executive Committee member in the Global Young Academy with a message to “create new by bridging differences”. Appointed as a council member of the Science Council of Japan, he is mainly in charge of public relations. As the chair of the Human Resource Committee in the Council for Science and Technology, as well as an advisor on evidence-based policymaking at the Ministry in charge of Science, Technology, and Education (MEXT), he is involved in policy making. He published books on scientific thinking for the general public. He experienced the first Science and Technology Co-Advisor to Japan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2019-22.

In his university, Dr. Kano is committed to promoting the achievement of the SDGs which resulted in collaboration of the university with the UNCTAD to develop young women’s talents in Asia and Africa. He is also involved in improving gender balance at the university by collaborating with neighbouring industries with female leadership.

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