Mónica Moraes R.

Researcher Director

Instituto de Ecologia, Universidad Mayor de San Andres

Moraes R., biologist (PhD, 1996, Aarhus University) is director, professor and researcher, Herbario Nacional and Instituto de Ecología, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz; editor in chief of Ecology in Bolivia journal; member of the Bolivian science academy; focal point for Bolivia in the Women for Science Program of the InterAmerican Association of Science Academies. She documented flora and vegetation in the lowlands of Bolivia and has specialized in the study of native palms of Bolivia. Her prizes include 2006 Jubilee Award from the International Foundation for Science; 2016 Procer Pedro Domingo Murillo in the Degree of Civic Honor of the Municipal Council of La Paz; 2017 Grand Master in the Adela Zamudio degree, Chamber of Deputies. She published 18 edited books; 44 chapters; 61 articles; 23 prologues, editorials and other publications; among others. Starting in 2021 Dr. Moraes was appointed for president of the Bolivian Academy of Sciences.

This page has been updated in June 2024.

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