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Morgan Seag

ISC Liaison to the UN system

Global Science Policy Unit, International Science Council

As the ISC Liaison to the UN System, Morgan works with New York-based intergovernmental organizations and countries’ UN Missions to advance the ISC’s work at the global science-policy interface, helping to enhance evidence-informed decision-making on critical global issues.

In addition to representing the ISC at UN meetings and strengthening relationships with New York-based organizations and actors, Morgan is the ISC’s focal point for the Group of Friends on Science for Action, a new coalition led by Belgium, India, and South Africa, for which the ISC serves as secretariat jointly with UNESCO; and she leads the ISC’s work around the Summit of the Future. As the ISC’s eyes-and-ears on the ground in New York, Morgan also keeps the ISC community informed of multilateral science-policy needs and facilitates responses to ad hoc requests for scientific input and advice by New York-based UN actors.

Learn more about the ISC’s work in New York in 2024.

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Prior to joining the ISC, Morgan worked with a variety of governments, multilateral organizations, and NGOs to support evidence-informed policymaking, with expertise around climate change, polar research, institutional change, and gender equity. She holds a PhD in Geography / Polar Studies from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania, and she has been a visiting scholar at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Tasmania.

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The page was updated in May 2024.

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