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Renaud Jolivet

ISC Fellow (2023)

Dr. Renaud Jolivet is Full Professor at the Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology, and Chair of Neural Engineering & Computation at Maastricht University. He is the nominated representative for individual researchers and innovators at the European Commission’s ERA Forum, the Chair of the Science & Technology Committee of EBRAINS, the European research infrastructure for neurosciences, and holds a courtesy appointment at CERN, the particle physics laboratory.

He has previously served on the boards of the Initiative for Science in Europe, Marie Curie Alumni Association and Organization for Computational Neuroscience, and was a 2023 Neurotech Fellow of the Foresight Institute. He has worked in Switzerland, Japan, the Netherlands, and the UK. His work focusses on the brain’s heterocellularity and on neurotechnologies to interface with brain tissue.

In 2023, he received both the Marie Curie Alumni Association Career Award 2022, and the André Mischke Young Academy of Europe Prize for Science and Policy 2023 for his achievements in science and science policy.

This page has been updated in May 2024.

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