Renée van Kessel

Treasurer of the ISC Governing Board 2018-2021

Renée van Kessel Hagesteijn is Member of the ISC Governing Board and Chair of the Committee for Finance and Fundraising.

Renée van Kessel Hagesteijn obtained a PhD in anthropology at Leiden University (1985). Her research focuses on early political dynamics, mainly in Southeast Asia. As a fellow of the Royal Academy Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, she is augmenting methodologies in digital humanities. She also takes part in the GO FAIR Initiative, on setting international standards for optimal use and reuse of research data. Initially focusing on the humanities and social sciences, her ambition is to help establish a link with standards in the life sciences and to contribute to close interaction of research associations, funders and repositories in developing Data Management Policies. Renée was Director at the Netherlands Research Council (NWO), with the portfolios International Relations and Global Development (1998-2007) and Social Sciences (2006-2016). She was also the first director of the European and Developing Countries Partnership for Clinical Trials in Infectious Diseases (EDCTP, 2003-2005) and the initiator and director of the National Brain and Cognition Initiative (2009-2016). She is successful in developing and co-funding multilateral, interdisciplinary research programmes and networks. Many of these programmes contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Before joining the ISC Governing Board and Committee for Finance and Fundraising she was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Social Science Council (ISSC) (2013-2017).


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