Shaukat Abdulrazak

ISC Fellow (2023)

Shaukat Abdulrazak is the Director for the Division for Africa, at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Under his supervision, he facilitates IAEA technical cooperation, in several thematic areas; Food and Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, Industrial application and Radiation Technology, Water and Environment, Energy planning and nuclear power, nuclear knowledge development and Management, Safety to 48 countries in Africa.

Abdulrazak is former CEO, Kenya National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (2008-2014). He has over 30 years working experience as Professor and administrator at university, leader and advisor on matters related to Science Technology and Innovation. He served as Vice-Chancellor of Umma University and Deputy VC at Egerton University, Former Governor of ICGEB, Ex Chair of Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Board member of Kenya Medical Research Institute, member of the Kenya National Economic Social Council.

He is a Fellow of the World Academy of Sciences, the African Academy of Sciences Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences. He has published widely in international journals, scientific conference and symposium proceedings. His Undergraduate studies were at Egerton University, Kenya, his MSc and PhD Agricultural Sciences, from University of Aberdeen, UK and his Post Doctorate from Shimane University, Japan.

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