Suad Sulaiman

Health & Environment Adviser and Treasurer at the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences (SNAS), Sudan

Suad, graduated from Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum, Sudan, was among few non-medical researchers employed at Federal Ministry of Health, to assess transmission and control of parasitic diseases for prevention. Receiving post-graduate degrees on the job allowed her to establish epidemiology research on endemic neglected diseases from environment and training many graduates on related fields. She is a pioneer Sudanese female researcher, member of several disease control committees, Federal Ministry of Health, research ethics committee; WHO referee in the EMRO region & Geneva; Sudanese Environment Conservation Society; Sudan Health Heritage Foundation.

As member of SNAS executive committee, Suad is Treasurer. She led holding a workshop on artisanal gold-mining funded through NASAC; involvement of Sudanese researchers in the diaspora (IAP); science education EBSI (UNESCO) and STEM (USAID); Sudanese women in science workshops (OWSD); Swiss Sudanese Science Forum in partnership with Swiss Academies and local funds to establish a Sudanese network to reduce aflatoxin contamination in peanuts and sesame seeds in Sudan for food-security. She was funded by IAP to develop a virtual educational workshop on predatory journals. Suad participated in many workshops and meetings representing SNAS e.g. NASAC general assembly meetings; AMASA meetings; ICSU & ISC meetings representing Sudan.

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