Action Plan 2022-2024

Science and society in transition

Action Plan 2022-2024

The ISC’s three-yearly Action Plans serve to operationalize the ISC’s vision, mission and strategic objectives as set out in the Council’s high-level strategy, which was adopted by the ISC General Assembly in 2018.

The Plans provide the Council’s members, funders and stakeholders with regular outlooks on ISC priorities and activity planning, monitoring and reporting.

This document presents the Council’s prospective scientific and organizational priorities and related activities for the 2022–2024 period. It has been prepared in consultation with ISC members and adopted by the Council’s 2021 General Assembly.

In line with the ISC Sustainability Principles, we are also offering an optimized print-at-home version of the document without images. Please note that all ISC members will be sent the full printed version in 2022.

Cover image: Dr Keith Wheeler / Science Photo Library. Maize root. Light micrograph of a section through the root of a maize plant (Zea mays) showing a vascular cylinder (centre). The cylinder is comprised of a central cluster of parenchyma cells (blue), surrounded by fused vascular bundles (black/green/blue) and the endodermis (black/red ring). The largest vessels seen here (white) are metaxylem, part of the xylem tissue in the vascular bundles. Xylem transports water and mineral nutrients from the roots throughout the plant, while phloem (light blue), the other component of the bundles, transports carbohydrates and plant hormones. Magnification: x44 when printed 10 centimetres wide.

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