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Policy brief / advisory note, Report

Disaster Loss Data In Monitoring The Implementation Of The Sendai Framework

The ISC’s newly published report, coincides with the UNDRR’s Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction and makes seven key policy recommendations, from improving partnerships between intragovernment agencies, academic, private sector, NGOs and insurance authorities to ensuring standardized disaster loss data quantification is adequately able to identify gaps in risk assessment.

It’s a must-read for all those involved in science and policy-making around disaster risk reduction.

Disaster data archives and loss data collection are fundamental to comprehensive assessment of socially, temporal and spatially disaggregated impact data. Risk interpretation, with standardized loss data, can be used to provide valuable opportunities to acquire better information about the health, economic, ecological and social costs of disasters, and provide risk based information for policy, practice, and investment.

Authors: Bapon Fakhruddin, Virginia Murray and Fernando Gouvea-Reis

Photo: Phong Tran / IRIN |

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