Policy Brief: Using UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles to Manage Risk and implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

The policy brief showcases examples of how the hazard definitions published in the UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles are being used to support DRR at global and national levels.

The UNDRR/ISC Hazard Information Profiles provide a common set of hazard definitions and other relevant information for use by Governments and stakeholders to inform their strategies and actions to manage the risks associated with a wide range of hazards across 8 hazard types (meteorological and hydrological, extraterrestrial, geohazards, environmental, chemical, biological, technological, and societal). The policy brief showcase examples of how the hazard definitions are being used to support DRR at global and national levels.

Closing the Gap between Science and Practice at Local Levels to Accelerate Disaster Risk Reduction

Virginia Murray (UKHSA), Jonathan Abrahams (WHO), Kanza Ahmed (UKHSA), Paul Davies (UK Met Office), James Douris (WMO), Brian Golding (WMO/WWRP HIWeather project), John Handmer (IRDR), Sarah Selby (UN Women), Anne-Sophie Stevance (ISC), Sara Duerto Valero (UN Women), Maddie Weir (UKHSA), 2022. Paris, France, International Science Council. https://council.science/publications/policy-brief-hazards-informations-profiles-drr/

This publication will be presented at the 2022 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (GP2022) in Bali, Indonesia.


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