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Statutes and policies

The ISC environmental sustainability principles

To be a credible champion for the 2030 Agenda, the ISC acknowledges and takes responsibility for its own impact on the environment and integrates sustainability principles into its way of working, both internally and with its members and external partners.

The role of the International Science Council is to be the global voice for science and to advance science as a global public good. The values that the Council upholds in its work, its governance and its partnerships include: excellence; inclusivity and diversity; transparency, integrity and respect; collaborativeness; and sustainability. The ISC aims to embed the principles of social and environmental responsibility in its policies, practices, partnerships, sponsorships and procurement.

The ISC aims to be an advocate for more sustainable organizational policies and practices, and to encourage individuals and other organizations to adapt their own objectives and practices in a way that is commensurate with current global ambitions to achieve rapid and just transformations to sustainability.

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