Artificial Intelligence

How are science organizations faring in the digital age?

In a new report, the International Science Council examines the transformative impact of digital technologies on scientific organizations, uncovering both the opportunities and challenges they present. This release is part the ‘ISC Digital Month’, a series of publications and blogs focusing on the digital evolution within the scientific community. Stay tuned!


Bridging the Gap: New Report Highlights Global Strategies for Accelerating AI in Science and Research 

While advancements in AI have huge implications for national R&D systems, very little is known about how governments plan to accelerate the uptake of AI by science and research institutions. In “Preparing National Research Ecosystems for AI: Strategies and Progress in 2024”, the International Science Council’s Centre for Science Futures addresses this knowledge gap by presenting a review of the existing literature on this topic, as well as a series of country case studies.


AI for science: Insights from Asia-Pacific

In early October, the ISC Centre for Science Futures marked a pivotal moment in its most recent initiative on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Science, as 14 esteemed delegates and experts representing 12 countries, mostly from Asia-Pacific, assembled for a timely meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event, organised with the support of the Australian Academy of Science, brought together thought leaders and experts who have a national mandate in reflecting on the implications of, and responses to AI for science. The delegates discussed and shared insights on the formulation of national approaches, priorities, identified issues and strategies in their countries.


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