Key takeaways from the UN Ocean Conference

Members of the ISC Network gave us their take on the conference, including videos, events, and statements, all of which underline the need to build on the momentum of the United Nations Ocean Conference to move from words to action on ocean protection. Hear from Martin Visbeck, Patricia Miloslavich, Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Corrine Almeida, and Maritza Cárdenas.


There will be no climate change mitigation without ocean protection

On the occasion of World Ocean Day 2022 celebrated on 8 June, we look at the ocean as an integral part of the climate system, considering how climate change and rising global temperatures are affecting the ocean and their wildlife and ocean protection as an indispensable dimension to mitigate climate change.


High time for action to reverse the decline and protect the ocean

Speaking at the One Ocean Summit, ISC Governing Board member Martin Visbeck called upon the international community to move from pledges to action on ocean protection. The ocean is currently under serious threat with climate change increasing sea levels and making the ocean warmer, more acidic and depleted in oxygen, compounded by the catastrophic impacts of overfishing, biodiversity decline and pollution from land.


Four humpback whales jumping out of the ocean

Printing solutions to pollution at sea

The ocean's ecosystem endures regular trauma from sea craft, such as pollution from oil and noise. But a more sustainable future of sea transport could be possible, with the help of 3D printers.


Inside the fight to save the Great Barrier Reef

Over half a billion humans and a quarter of the ocean's fish rely on healthy coral reefs for food, protection, and more - yet climate change as well as man-made and natural disturbances are detrimental to these unique ecosystems. See how scientists are encouraging coral’s recovery, allowing nature a chance to bounce back.


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