The Council’s principal source of core income is dues from Members. The other major sources of income are grants from its host country France, various organizations and foundations.

The General Assembly approves draft budgets for the next triennium upon proposals received from the Governing Board, which is charged with finalizing the annual budgets. After consideration by the Committee on Finance and the Governing Board, the audited annual accounts are sent to all Members for approval. The ISC Regional Offices are mainly supported by their host countries, with some funding from ISC and other sources.

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Members Dues

Annual dues are paid in accordance with Statute 37: ‘Each Member of the Council shall pay annual dues within a scale determined by the General Assembly”. The present dues are based on the decision of the 30th General Assembly of ISC’s predecessor organisation ICSU in 2011. Dues of Affilated  Members are fixed at €500. A new dues structure, taking into account the new conditons following the creation of ISC, will be presented to the 2nd ISC General Assembly in 2021.

Statement of income and expenditure for 2017

Membership dues
Scientific Unions172,153
Scientific Associates12,000
Provision Arrears81,919
National Member support for GA / Dev. Countries travel40,000
NSF support for WCRP67,151
Grants from NSF316,772
Taipei grant for ICOE
Taipei dedicated funds at the end of previous years660,057
SIDA Grant for LIRA activities504,607
SIDA dedicated funds at the end of previous year839,984
BOSCH for LIRA programme35,000
IDRC funds for INGSA233,533
Other income1,590
Cancellation other provision10,025
Investment income89,782
Total income5,859,313

Governance meetings172,045
Policy committees143,093
International Programme & Interdisciplinary Bodies1,365,760
Policy Activities & Fora40,465
Capacity Development & Early Career Science activities1,308,214
International Events43,863
Other Review response actions & New Initiatives34,954
Regional Offices233,305
Human resources2,086,471
Administration / Overheads161,821
Contingency / Provision
Loss on arrears1,688
Loss on exchange9,223
Investment charges & losses*22,317
Total expenditure6,075,459
Excess of income over expenditure-216,146

* Including provision for unrealized losses on Portfolio for a total amount of 5,9K €

Balance Sheet

Bank & cash balances2,112,280
Marketable securities2,270,769
NSF & UNESCO, funds for IRDR & RIO+20
Others assets66,833
Fixed assets6,760
Total assets4,456,642

External funds allocated827,895
Sundry creditors & accruals480,021
Provision / Retirement218,404
Total liabilities1,526,320

Mandatory reserve1,500,000
General fund / Retained earnings1,646,468
Total reserves3,146,468

Net Result-216,146