The Council’s principal source of core income is dues from Members. The other major sources of income are grants from its host country France, various organizations and foundations.


The General Assembly approves draft budgets for the next triennium upon proposals received from the Governing Board, which is charged with finalizing the annual budgets. After consideration by the Committee for Finance and Fundraising and the Governing Board, the audited annual accounts are sent to all Members for approval.

Members Dues

Annual dues are paid in accordance with Statute 37: “Each Member of the Council shall pay annual dues within a scale determined by the General Assembly”. The present dues are based on the decision of the joint meeting of ISC’s predecessor organizations ICSU and ISSC in 2017. A new dues structure, taking into account the new conditions following the creation of the ISC, is under preparation.

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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