Unlocking Science

The ISC-BBC StoryWorks collaboration ‘Unlocking Science’ sparks inspiration by exploring how science addresses the challenges of global sustainability. These multimedia stories explore science, beyond the lab and the textbook, and how scientists engage communities and make a real world difference.

Unlocking Science


We can’t hope to contain the damage of climate change and improve the quality of life of billions of people – while also preserving our planet – without the benefit of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. 

The stories challenge our view of the world and the things that shape our society. They emphasize the value of international collaboration, and how scientists depend on the accountability and support that comes from being part of a global consensus. By drawing on the latest research and the ISC’s global partnerships, the project also aims to improve how science is communicated to audiences internationally.  

Activities and impact 

With remarkable dedication and vision, scientists around the world are laying foundations to tackle major issues like climate change while creating inclusive, flourishing societies.   

In this series, the stage is set to explore their stories, happening all over the world from Antarctica to the Amazon:  

Podcast: How do we talk about science and trust? 

Covid-19 has propelled the work of scientists around the world centre stage, with scientific and expert authority being heavily questioned. More than ever, information overload is challenging sources of truth and the hierarchical nature of science information-sharing.  How can science communication evolve to be more inclusive? 

This 4-part podcast series discusses everything from social media and trust to identity and knowledge, seeking to discover how we can unlock science for everyone. 

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