Unlocking Science

Join us in this 4-part podcast series as we discuss everything from social media and trust to identity and knowledge, seeking to discover how we can unlock science for everyone.


Welcome to the #UnlockingScience podcast – where we explore how to talk about science, and particularly science and trust.

Episode 1: How do we talk about science and uncertainty?

In this episode we explore how uncertainties play a role in the process of scientific discovery and why this is such a challenge for the way we need to talk about science – with Courtney Radsch and Felix Bast.

Episode 2: How do we talk about science and identity?

With Elodie Chabrol, Neurogeneticist and founder of the Pint of Science festival.

The first episode to be released on 16 November 2021. In the meantime, start your multimedia journey on the multimedia hub Unlocking Science.

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