2022 Call for Nominations to the ISC Fellowship

The call for nominations is now closed. The page is for information only.

The call for nominations is now closed. The page is for information only.

On 9 June 2022 the International Science Council announced the creation of the ISC Fellowship and the appointment of 66 Foundation Fellows. ISC Fellows are eminent scientists, engineers and thought leaders from across the spectrum of science and society. The Fellowship is the highest honour that can be conferred on an individual by the International Science Council and recognizes outstanding contributions to the promotion of science as a global public good.

From this year (2022) onwards, an annual call for nominations to the Fellowship from ISC Members and other partners will be made, with a view to increasing the ISC Fellowship to around 600 active Fellows.

We want to clearly recognize those scientists who have and continue to contribute to the global voice for science. In that way we expand our footprint and our voice. Science needs champions, not just those who receive high profile scientific prizes but champions who can give voice to the global voice for science.

Peter Gluckman, President of the International Science Council.

ISC Fellows are people of high scientific and public standing who will help the ISC in its mission to be the global voice for science. ISC Fellows must have the capacity to add value to the ISC in amplifying the global voice for science through ambassadorial and advisory roles.

The Fellows are guided by a Foundation Council, comprising 13 Fellows, including the ISC president and president-elect. The Foundational Fellowship Council is chaired by Terrence Forrester, a Professor of Experimental Medicine with the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies.

Connie Nshemereirwe, Director of the Africa Science Leadership Programme at the Future Africa campus with the University of Pretoria, South Africa, is also a member of the Foundation Council.

Being an ISC Fellow and its council is a wonderful opportunity for me to be part of connecting the science and policy communities worldwide, but also regionally and locally. I’m looking forward to developing the Fellowship.

Connie Nshemereirwe


2022 Call for nominations to the ISC Fellowship

The nomination process and timeline

Nominations may be made by two categories of people:

Nominations from Group A must be supported by two signatories, who must come from more than one ISC Member or Affiliated Body or be Fellows who are not members of a nominating ISC Member or Affiliated Body.

Nominations from Group B need only one nominator and shall be considered if the nomination is supported by the three vice-presidents of the ISC Governing Board.

Individuals who are interested in being nominated, and institutions interested in nominating an individual, should reach out in the first instance to a relevant scientific union, national academy or affiliated body among the ISC membership (see links above).

Nominations for the next intake of 60 Fellows can be submitted until 7 October 2022 through the webform on this page.

Details of the nomination requirements and process can be found in the Call for nominations brochure.

Nominations shall be considered by the Foundational Fellowship Council. Fellowships will be offered before the end of the year and announced in January 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I nominate more than one candidate?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of nominations that an eligible nominator can support. About 60 Fellows will be elected in this round, and attention will be paid to diversity and inclusivity, regarding field of work, world region, gender and career stage.

2. Must I have a co-nominator?

Nominators from ‘Group A’ must have a co-nominator. The following combinations are possible:

  • The heads of any two organizations among the ISC Members and Affiliated Bodies (see links above for lists of these organizations)
  • The head of an ISC Member or Affiliated Body with an ISC Fellow, provided that the Fellow is not a member of the pertaining ISC Member or Affiliated Body
  • Two ISC Fellows

Nominators from ‘Group B’ may nominate alone.

3. What is an ISC Affiliated Body?

An ISC Affiliated Body is a scientific initiative or programme co-sponsored by the ISC. The full list of Affiliated Bodies is here.

4. Must I nominate people from my own field of expertise?

It is not necessary to nominate people from your own field, as long as the nomination is properly justified and appropriate.

5. I do not belong to a union or other body among the ISC membership – how can I be nominated?


I represent an organization interested in nominating an individual but we are not currently members of the ISC – how can we proceed?

Individuals who are interested in being nominated, and organizations interested in nominating an individual, should reach out in the first instance to a relevant ISC Member (for example, a scientific union or national academy) or Affiliated Body.

Organizations which may be eligible for ISC membership are encouraged to contact the ISC Membership Liaison Officer to explore the possibility of joining the ISC.

6. May the ISC staff make nominations?

No, the ISC staff cannot make nominations, nor can the members of the Fellowship Council.

7. May an ISC Member or Affiliated Body nominate a member of its governing bodies?


8. Is the Fellowship remunerated? Will there be any financial cost to being a Fellow?

The Fellowship is not remunerated, nor is there a membership fee for Fellows. If a Fellow is asked to travel to represent the ISC or in order to contribute to ISC business, travel costs may be covere


Sarah Moore

Science Officer, Secretary to the Governing Board, Fellowship Registrar: sarah.moore@council.science

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