The COVID Education Alliance (COVIDEA) was created in response to a major challenge exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic: how to make education systems agile in the face of external shocks and fully adapted to the digital transformation.

COVIDEA: Moving learning societies onto a more sustainable development path

One of the key knowledge gaps the Alliance is keen to address is whether the digital tools and technological options being developed today are affordable and accessible for all, and whether they can support achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The ISC used its convening role to help build the Alliance by bringing together international thought leaders with expertise in digital education. The Alliance, convened by the Platform for Transformative Technologies (P4TT) and the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS), has produced a primer suggesting five goals for a new and holistic education systems. The goals can be adapted to different cultural and socio-economic contexts, and could be recommended for use as part of the curriculum. The success of this initiative has been demonstrated by an invitation from the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) to support COVIDEA to co-develop the Digital with Purpose metrics framework for SDG 4 – Quality Education.

Image: Kelly Sikkema.

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