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Systemic Risk Briefing Note highlights complexity of interconnected, interdependent, and uncertain challenges

10 March 2022 – The systemic and uncertain risks facing the world today can have cascading impacts across systems and sectors, and an integrated perspective that incorporates the inherently complex nature of climate-related hazards, vulnerability, exposure and impacts, is needed to better understand and respond to systemic risk, according to a new briefing note published today by the International Science Council (ISC), the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) and the Risk Knowledge Action Network (Risk KAN).


Members of International Science Council commit to work for change in scientific publishing, and endorse eight principles for reform

As the 2021 Open Access week begins, the scientific community as represented by the International Science Council's members has approved a resolution committing to work to reform scholarly publishing, and to endorse eight fundamental principles for scientific publishing that contributes to the advancement of science as a global public good.


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