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World Data System workshop held in Rio de Janeiro

<p>The Brazilian Academy of Sciences hosted the World Data system this past 17th and 18th of April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This workshop convened by ICSU-WDS aimed to discuss scientific data management best practices developed by research institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. It was co-organized and co-sponsored by ICSU ROLAC</p>


Two regional meetings held in Cartagena de Indias

<p>This past 9-12 of April, Cartagena was the host for two of ICSU’s important meetings. The 23rd ICSU ROLAC Regional Committee Meeting (RCLAC23), which happened on April 9-10, and the Regional Offices Meetings, which happened on April 11-12th. These meetings were organized by the Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean of ICSU, along with the important support of the Colombian Academy of Sciences, and ICSU headquarters.</p>


CubaSalud 2018 Convention

<p>This past April 23rd to April 27th, The “CubaSalud” Convention took place in Havana, Cuba. Several of ISC ROLAC’s Secretariat were in attendance, and  were also joined by Dr. Violeta Menjívar, Minister of Health of El Salvador, among others</p>


Reducing the Gender Gap in Natural Sciences and Mathematics

<p>This past March 15-16th, El Salvador was host to a workshop called “Reducing the Gender Gap in Natural Sciences and Mathematics”. Several experts from all over Latin America were in attendance, giving their expertise on the subject. Hundreds of people involved in the area of mathematics and science were present, listening to the experts and asking questions.</p>


Global biodiversity continues to decline, according to new reports from IPBES

<p>At its meeting in Medellín, the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services released five new reports. Four cover biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, as well as Europe and Central Asia. The fifth report is the world’s first comprehensive evidence-based assessment of land degradation and restoration.</p>


Pavel Kabat appointed WMO Chief Scientist and Research Director

<p>The World Metereological Organization (WMO) has appointed Pavel Kabat its first chief scientist and research director, with responsibility for strategic scientific direction, including the ICSU co-sponsored programme World Climate Research Programme (WCRP).</p>


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