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Remembering John Sulston

<p>John Sulston, a Nobel Prize winner and two-time member of the ICSU Committee on Freedom and Responsibility in the conduct of Science (CFRS), died on 6 March.</p>


The origins of the IPCC: How the world woke up to climate change

<p>On the occasion of the IPCC’s 30th anniversary, we shine the light on the series of pivotal events in 1980-85 that alerted scientists to the urgency of addressing climate change, kicking politicians into action, and ultimately leading to the birth of the world’s climate science assessment body.</p>


4th African Science Plans Steering Committee Meeting and Proposal Writing Workshop

<p>The African Science Plans Steering Committee (ASPSC) of ICSU ROA held its fourth meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa on 4th December 2017, attended by 10 out of its 12 members. The meeting discussed and reviewed outlines of thematic area project concepts to be considered during a Proposal Writing Workshop that followed in the next two days. Members also strategized on their participation in the Science Forum South Africa on the 8th of December where they would be holding a Special Session on Implementation of the Africa Science Plans. The Committee also took time off to reflect on its roles, including promoting of collaborative research on the continent across disciplines.</p>


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