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IPBES holds first plenary meeting in Bonn

<p>The <a href="">Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services</a> (IPBES) held its first plenary meeting from Jan 21-26 in Bonn, Germany. During the meeting, the science panel was appointed.</p>


ICSU co-sponsors 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity

<p>The <a href="">3rd World Conference on Research Integrity</a> will be held in Montréal, Canada, May 5th to 8th. It focuses on research integrity, responsible conduct of research, and publication of research.</p>


Black carbon report from IGBP project generates significant media coverage

<p>A report issued by a project of the <a href="">International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme</a> (IGBP), providing new evidence that black carbon is the second largest man-made contributor to global warming, has triggered tremendous coverage in the media. Outlets such as the BBC, the Economist, the New York Times and the Washington Post picked up the story and reported that black carbon’s influence on climate has been greatly underestimated.</p>


UN announces list of countries for Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

<p>The United Nations has announced the list of countries that will form the Working Group on <a href="">Sustainable Development Goals</a>. A total of sixty-nine countries will share thirty seats on the body charged with developing a set of goals following last year’s <a href="">Rio + 20</a> conference.</p>


IRDR host organisation in major merger

<p>Beijing’s <a href="">Center for Earth Observation and Digital Earth</a> has merged with the Institute of Remote Sensing Applications.</p>


Call for nominations for Future Earth Science Committee

<p>The <a href="">Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability</a>, which comprises ICSU, <a href="">ISSC</a>, the <a href="">Belmont Forum</a>, <a href="">UNEP</a>, <a href="">UNESCO</a>, <a href="">UNU</a> and <a href="">WMO</a> as an observer, is currently seeking nominations for experts to serve on the first Science Committeee of the Future Earth initiative.</p>


Industry-academia partnerships

<p>In November 2011, more than 50 academic and business leaders came together for 4 days at the <a href="">Sigtuna Foundation</a>, near Stockholm, Sweden. They represented a broad range of disciplines, industries and countries with the common aim of promoting effective partnerships between academia and industry for the greater benefit of society.</p>


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