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Future Earth Transition Team proposes three research themes

<p>The Transition Team, responsible for the initial design of <a href="">Future Earth</a>, met in Paris on 20-21 September to agree on the broad outlines of recommendations for the research framework, governance, stakeholder engagement and communications strategy. In the wake of <a href="">Rio+20</a>, the Team also agreed on the importance of strategically positioning Future Earth in the science-policy landscape, as a key science provider for the definition of <a href="">Sustainable Development Goals</a>.</p>


Future Earth German National Committee launched

<p>Germany has replaced its National Committee on Global Change Research (NKGCF) with the <a href="">German Committee Future Earth</a> (D-FutureEarth). The German Committee Future Earth will act as a national research advisory board on global sustainability and focal point on all international issues related under the framework of Future Earth.</p>


Sustainable Development Goals must sustain both people and planet

<p>In the wake of last week’s meetings at the UN on the definition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a group of international scientists have published a call in the journal Nature today, arguing for a set of six SDGs that link poverty eradication to protection of Earth’s life support. The researchers argue that in the face of increasing pressure on the planet’s ability to support life, adherence to out-dated definitions of sustainable development threaten to reverse progress made in developing countries over past decades.</p>


Nature publishes paper on SDGs by team of authors from ICSU, IGBP and other organisations

<p>Today, <a href="">Nature </a>published a commentary by an international team of authors, including Gisbert Glaser from ICSU, Owen Gaffney from the <a href="">International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme</a> and Johan Rockstrom from the <a href="">Stockholm Resilience Center</a>.</p>


Expert Group Meeting at UN on Science and Sustainable Development Goals

<p>The <a href="">United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs</a> (UN-DESA), ICSU and the <a href="">International Social Science Council</a> (ISSC) will jointly organize an Expert Group Meeting on “Science and Sustainable Development Goals” at UN headquarters in New York from 20-21 March.</p>


IPBES holds first plenary meeting in Bonn

<p>The <a href="">Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services</a> (IPBES) held its first plenary meeting from Jan 21-26 in Bonn, Germany. During the meeting, the science panel was appointed.</p>


ICSU co-sponsors 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity

<p>The <a href="">3rd World Conference on Research Integrity</a> will be held in Montréal, Canada, May 5th to 8th. It focuses on research integrity, responsible conduct of research, and publication of research.</p>


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