Freedom and Responsibility in science in the 21st century

On 1 May 2023, the International Science Council launched a series of six episodes on the theme of Freedom and Responsibility in Science, in partnership with Nature.

Freedom and Responsibility in science in the 21st century

This new podcast series focuses on freedom and responsibility in science in the 21st century – what freedom and responsibility mean today, and why they matter for the scientific community. Through interviews with experts, we explore topics such as building trust in science, the responsible use of emerging technologies, combatting mis- and dis-information, and the intersections between science and politics.

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Episode 1: Scientific freedom and responsibilities

In this first episode, Anne Husebekk (ISC Vice-President for Freedom and Responsibility in Science) and Robert French (Chancellor of the University of Western Australia) question the new threats that scientific freedom faces today — and the responsibilities scientists have to live up to. 

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Episode 2: Scientific autonomy

In episode 2 with Lidia Borrell-Damián and Willem Halffman, they explore the importance of scientific autonomy, the challenges it faces, and the need for balance between autonomy and ethical responsibility to avoid potential harm.

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Episode 3: Science Communication

In episode 3, (Postdoctoral Research Fellow at UCLA Institute for Technology, Law and Policy) and Guy Berger (Professor Emeritus at Rhodes University) delve into the challenges of science communication in an era of information overload and fake news.

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Episode 4: The Role of the State

In episode 4, ISC President, Peter Gluckman and Saja Al Zoubi, a development economist and member of the Global Young Academy, delve into the role of the state in promoting freedom and responsibility in science.

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Episode 5: Emerging Technologies

In episode 5, Françoise Baylis and Ocean Mercier discuss responsible stewardship and governance of emerging technologies, highlighting indigenous perspectives and emphasizing the importance of guiding scientific progress with values that benefit society as a whole.

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Episode 6: Trust in Science

The final episode of the ISC-Nature podcast explores the topics of trust, malpractice, and misconduct in scientific research. Guests Elisabeth Bik and Soumya Swaminathan shed light on the issue of publication fraud while emphasizing the significance of nurturing scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills in children.

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