Felix Bast

Member of the Expert Panel for the ISC project:
Public Value of Science
– Member of Advisory Council of the ISC Regional Focal Point for Asia and the Pacific

Dr Felix Bast is an award-winning Indian Science Communicator and a public educator working currently as a Professor at Central University of Punjab, India. He founded Young Academy of India-YAI in the model of Die Junge Akademie of Germany. With over 16,000 members, YAI is one of the largest science academies in the world. He holds a PhD in Marine Biology from MEXT, Japan, and served as expedition scientist in Indian Antarctic Mission. Dr. Bast served as a resident  intern with the President of India and received the “President’s Inspired Teacher” recognition. He also won a teaching innovator award from the Indian Ministry of Education. Dr. Bast has discovered seven new plant species from India and Antarctica. Sustainability is a major focus of his works.

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