George Gao

Member of the Oversight panel of the COVID-19 Scenarios Project

Gao obtained his PhD (DPhil) degree from Oxford University, UK and did his postdoc work in both Oxford University and Harvard University (with a brief stay in Calgary University).

Gao worked in Beijing Agricultural University (1986-1991), Oxford University (2001-2006), Institute of Microbiology, CAS (2004-2008, Director General).

Gao is a member (academician) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (elected in 2013), a fellow of The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS, also known as The World Academy of Sciences) (elected in 2014), a fellow of American Academy of Microbiology (AAM, elected in 2015); an associate (foreign) member of EMBO (European Molecular Biology organization) (elected in 2016), a fellow of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) (elected in 2016), a fellow of RSE (Royal Society of Edinburgh) (elected in 2017), a fellow of AAS (African Academy of Sciences) (elected in 2017), a member (academician) of International Eurasian Academy of Sciences (elected in 2018).

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Chinese Academy of Sciences

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