James Waddell

Science & Communications Officer

James first joined the ISC as an intern and is now a Science & Communications Officer, sharing his time between the communications team and the Council’s Global Science Policy Unit which mobilizes scientific and policy expertise in the United Nations and intergovernmental processes. Before joining the unit in 2023, one of his big areas of work has been supporting the COVID-19 Scenarios Project.

During his studies he acquired a rich background in social sciences, public policy and environmental policy. With his passion for these fields, his efforts at the ISC focus on communications and furthering the ISC’s work at the United Nations and in global policy processes.

In 2021, James obtained a Public Affairs Master’s at Sciences Po, specializing in Energy, Environment & Sustainability. Prior to his Master’s degree, he completed a Bachelor’s in social and political sciences from Sciences Po and studied one year at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) in Chennai, India.


Follow James Waddell on Twitter @JMS_WDL


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