Green Microfinance: pitfalls, potential and pathways to transformation

A Transformations to Sustainability knowledge brief.

The aim of Microfinance is to help financially excluded people, primarily in the Global South, to manage and reduce the insecurity of their income, including by empowering them to set up profitable micro-enterprises. Green Microfinance includes an additional focus, however: that of addressing environmental concerns while maintaining positive financial and social performance.

This knowledge brief, published by the Transformations to Sustainability programme, is based on a peer-reviewed article that reviews recent literature on the impacts of microfinance, and particularly Green Microfinance, on transformations to sustainability.

It is part of a series of knowledge briefs which synthesize findings from recent research papers on transformations into an accessible format, with the aim of opening up the latest transformations research to a wider audience.

Download Green Microfinance: pitfalls, potential and pathways to transformation.

Photo: Milagros Romero

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