Strategic Plan I, 2006-2011

The six-year plan, 2006-2011, was developed following extensive consultation with ICSU’s Members and bodies, and the wider scientific community.

About this Report

This strategic plan represents a significant milestone for the International Council for Science: it is ICSU’s first strategic plan in its 75-year history. The Plan signals both a new vision and a new mode of operation for the Council. Initiated during the 27th General Assembly in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, in 2002 and approved by the 28th General Assembly in Suzhou, China, in 2005, the Plan represents the collective strategic vision of the scientists represented by ICSU’s National Members and International Scientific Unions.

The goal of the plan is to enable ICSU to strengthen international science for the benefit of society in the ways best suited to its unique capabilities. The plan identifies ICSU’s strategic priorities within the three key areas: international research collaboration, science for policy and universality of science.  It also describes the objectives and goals, and the actions required to meet these.

The Executive Summary concludes:

The needs and opportunities for international interdisciplinary science are greater at the turn of the 21st century than at any previous period in history. Strengthening international science for the benefit of society is not just a desirable aim but an increasingly urgent necessity. ICSU has an exciting six years ahead. New partnerships and new funding will be needed, but the mobilization of the intellectual resources of scientists from all over the world that has characterized the development of this strategic plan will undoubtedly be the critical factor in ensuring its implementation.

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