Synthesis report

Pathways to a sustainable post-COVID world – reports from the IIASA-ISC consultative platform

Synthesis report

This report is a synthesis of the four thematic reports produced as part of the IIASA–ISC Consultative Science Platform and presents eight recommendations that have the potential to enable systemic transformations and structural changes. Operationalizing these recommendations would facilitate a more sustainable and resilient future for humanity, as we recover from COVID-19.

The authors, being conscious of the need for greater equity and resilience in a new sustainable future, have also sought to be practical by prioritizing the transformative changes that seem most feasible, can be applied early, and that could make a significant contribution to a sustainable recovery.

This report is one of five publications developed through the IIASA-ISC Consultative Science Platform “Bouncing Forward Sustainably: Pathways to a post-COVID world” and launched in January 2021.

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