Social Sciences

Early-career researchers’ insights on climate

This blog launches the collective blog series, "Amplifying the Voices of Young Scientists", based on interviews with Early and Mid-Career Researchers across various disciplines hailing from around the world.


saudi arabia horizon at night

Take Seven: Looking at the future of transdisciplinary research

As the world navigates an intricate tapestry of complex challenges both present and forthcoming, the Centre for Science Futures' working paper, “Looking at the Future of Transdisciplinary Research” describes a vital pathway for evidence-based and society-driven solutions.


Stories of transformations to sustainability

Climate change, environmental degradation and resource pressures have reached unprecedented levels worldwide. Achieving sustainability will depend on rapid and fundamental transformations in the ways we organize our societies and interact with the natural environment.


Amazonian governance for sustainability

COVID-19 & the Social Sciences Webinar Series

This special series explores the impact of the social sciences on the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on the social sciences, covering Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, and Statistics.


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