Transdisciplinary science

Take Seven: Looking at the future of transdisciplinary research

As the world navigates an intricate tapestry of complex challenges both present and forthcoming, the Centre for Science Futures' working paper, “Looking at the Future of Transdisciplinary Research” describes a vital pathway for evidence-based and society-driven solutions.


Rebalancing Waste Management Governance in Cities with Informal Systems: Engaging Local Stakeholders and Academics through Transdisciplinary Research

The recent LIRA 2030 Africa reports highlight the impressive efforts of 28 research leaders in driving sustainable development across African cities. One particular project titled "Cleaning from the bottom up" showcases the use of inclusive stakeholder participation in integrated waste management in Accra (Ghana) and Lagos (Nigeria).


Launch of the LIRA 2030 Africa reports highlighting key achievements and lessons learned from advancing transdisciplinary science in Africa 

After six years of supporting transdisciplinary research on sustainability across African cities, the research funding programme Leading Integrated Research for Agenda 2030 (LIRA 2030 Africa) is delighted to announce the launch of two reports that capture key achievements and lessons learned, both at the programme and project levels, from advancing transdisciplinary science for sustainable urban development on the continent.


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