Strengthening the use of scientific evidence in policy and public action will require robust institutional structures, skills and competencies that promote knowledge sharing, counteract misinformation and support relationships of trust between science and its wider publics.

    Science in Policy and Public Discourse

    Science creates knowledge tested against reality, an essential contribution to public discourse and to policy-making at every level of governance, and one that has never been more urgent. It is vital to develop more effective science-policy interfaces, based on enhanced competencies within science and policy communities, and informed by relationships of trust.

    These interactions are challenged by a policy environment that tends to favour short-term responses and by a setting in which international norms are increasingly disrupted. At the same time, interest groups increasingly question the credibility and authority of scientific evidence and the trust that science should be afforded. Notwithstanding its democratic potential, the World Wide Web has become a powerful enabler of ‘alternative facts’ in a so-called ‘post-truth society’. It is imperative to advance the value of science as a global good and ensure its better

    The ISC’s projects and programmes under Domain Three include:

    • 3.1 Science-policy interfaces at the global level: A strengthened mandate for science in global policy, supported by effective and coordinated science-policy interface mechanisms and based on recognition of the ISC as the global go-to for independent, integrated scientific expertise, input and advice.
    • 3.2 The public value of science: Increased awareness amongst wider publics, policy-makers and decision-makers of science as a global public good.
    • 3.3 Science in the private sector: Increased understanding and agreement on the norms of responsible conduct, transparency and ethical standards that are needed to protect science as a global good in both the public and private sectors.

    Domain Three, along with the ISC’s three other domains – The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, The Digital Revolution and The Evolution of Science and Science Systems – can be found in the Council’s Action Plan and in greater detail in the full working papers below.

    Work with the ISC to Advance Science as a Global Public Good. secretariat@council.science


    Photo Credit: Ryoji Iwata on unsplash