Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean

Based at the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, the regional focal point convenes the scientific community in Latin America and the Caribbean and acts as a hub for ISC Members and activities in the region.

Regional Focal Point for Latin America and the Caribbean

The regional focal point works with ISC Members in Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure that scientists and scientific institutions working in the region are actively engaged in the ISC’s global activities and in the ISC’s affiliated bodies and other networks.

The regional focal point is crucial to ensuring that the work of the ISC is representative of scientists from across the world, and of the concerns of different regions. Through supporting and promoting the integration of regional communities and capacities within the ISC network, the focal point works to ensure that ISC activities can benefit the Latin America and Caribbean region.

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Liaison Committee of the ISC Regional Focal Point for the Latin American and Caribbean Region

The regional focal point operates under the advice and guidance of a Liaison Committee, which is chaired by Enrique Forero, President of the Colombian Academy.

Ana Rada


Elisa Reis


Adelle Thomas


Regional Focal Point contacts

Enrique Forero

Enrique Forero

Chair, Latin American and Caribbean Region

Carolina Santacruz

Carolina Santacruz-Perez

Science Officer, Latin American and Caribbean Region

Connect with the Regional Focal Point on social media:

On Twitter: @ISC_LAC

On LinkedIn: ISC RFP -LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) International Science Council

Image by Bernard Dupont via Wikimedia Commons.

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