ALLEA Science Advice Under Pressure

The ISC at the ALLEA Science Advice Under Pressure Conference
ALLEA Science Advice Under Pressure

The ISC is excited to be participating at the ALLEA Science Advice Under Pressure conference. On this page you will find information about the ISC and some of our useful resources for science advice.

The ISC and Science Advice

The Council convenes the scientific expertise and resources needed to lead on catalysing, incubating and coordinating impactful international action on issues of major scientific and public importance. The Council’s Action Plan forms a practical framework for the ISC’s work until the end of 2024, and to work towards our vision of science as a global public good.

The ISC works at the intersection of science and policy, particularly at the UN level, to ensure that science is integrated into international policy development and that relevant policies take into account both scientific knowledge and the needs of science.

ISC President, Peter Gluckman, has written and spoken extensively on science-policy, risk assessment, science-diplomacy, and science-society interactions. Peter will be available to meet for those of you who are coming to ESOF in July.

The ISC and the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)

The ISC is proud to act as a trustee for INGSA, where its secretariat operates out of the thinktank, Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures at the University of Auckland. INGSA has a global remit and has established regional chapters for Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen science advisory capacity at all levels of government. INGSA is the leading global network for the research, discussion and dissemination of best practice in providing evidence to inform public policy, including how evidence can be most effectively used to help achieve global accords such as the SDGs. 

Join our in-person side event on Thursday 28 April | 14:00 – 15:30 CEST

If Covid-19 is the 9/11 moment for global science advice, what needs to happen next?

If Covid-19 is the 9/11 moment for global science advice, what needs to happen next? As the main conference concludes, this open debate unites delegates including politicians, chief science advisers, diplomats, researchers and science-interested citizens, to examine how scientific advice feeds into effective policymaking, or not.

Explore ISC Resources

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Principles and Structures of science advice: An outline

An ISC-INGSA Occasional Paper on the development of a training module on science advice and diplomacy for the ISC community and Members.

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Science as a Global Public Good

This ISC position paper considers those implications, exploring the ways they influence the responsibilities of scientists, both individually and collectively, and how they apply in the different settings in which science is practiced.

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A contemporary perspective on the free and responsible practice of science in the 21st century

This ISC position paper considers those A discussion paper of the International Science Council’s Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science.

COVID-19 Outcome Scenarios Project

The ISC will launch its new COVID-19 report on 17 May 2022 outlining a range of scenarios over the mid- and long-term that aim to assist our understanding of the options for achieving an optimistic and fair end to the pandemic.

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ISC Participants you’ll meet at the conference:

Mathieu Denis

Acting CEO and Science Director, ISC


Alison Meston

Communications Director


Vivi Stavrou

Vivi Stavrou

Executive Secretary of the ISC Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science (CFRS) and Senior Science Officer

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