Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2021

A Transdisciplinary Congress Powered by Future Earth and the Belmont Forum, to be held from 12 – 15 June 2021 in Brisbane, Australia.

Future Earth, which supports the largest global community of systems-focused sustainability researchers and innovators, and the Belmont Forum, the world’s largest consortium of transdisciplinary global change and sustainability research funders, are joining forces to establish an annual congress in which the world’s foremost research and innovation communities come together to share successes, exchange views, and work across disciplines and sectors to support a global transformation to sustainability. The congress will convene the research community working at these intersections, as well as major funders and actors from society and business in order to:

  • Support and connect transdisciplinary research and innovation communities and encourage cross-learning, network building, and synthesis;
  • Establish the global scaffolding and legitimacy needed to support individual professional growth in research and innovation communities focused on sustainability and to support the process of moving from knowledge to action;
  • Develop capacity and share best practices through collaboration and training in transdisciplinary research and innovation; and
  • Build a stronger voice for research and innovation for sustainability and global mechanisms for collaborations amongst sectors, disciplines and nations.

The first convention will bring together a global community of transdisciplinary research and innovation in an engaging, interactive format, allowing leaders in sustainability innovation to work alongside the world’s leading sustainability scientists, and to engage policy leaders working to support the major international policy processes supporting this transition (Agenda 2030, the UN SDGs, Paris Agreement on climate change, Sendai Framework for Disaster and Risk, Aichi targets).