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One year on: Statements, offers of assistance and resources on the current war in Ukraine

On the one year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the ISC is republishing its commitment to continue advancing the equal participation and collaboration between scientists in all countries. Today is a reminder of the importance of peace in our times, and the principle of the free and responsible practice of science which is enshrined in ISC statutes.

The ISC, our Members and the broader scientific community continue to support collaborative efforts for scientists and science displaced due to the war in Ukraine.

Over the past year, the ISC has convened crisis discussions and delivered on actions resulting from broad international scientific community support to build the capacity of scientists and researchers to continue their efforts in their fields of expertise.

On the occasion of the unfortunate anniversary of the war in Ukraine, the International Science Council stands faithful and confident to its mandate to provide a global voice for science. This mission, coupled with the imperative for science to act freely and independently from any influence and manipulation, will continue to ensure the contribution of science to peaceful dialogue and diplomacy at a time of conflicts and crises.

Salvatore Aricò. CEO, International Science Council

Through the ISC’s Committee for Freedom and Responsibility in Science, a number of actions have taken place, including the convening of stakeholders across the globe, and actions through the Council’s Science in Exile project, culminating in a declaration for organizations to sign.

These actions and sentiments are echoed in Nature’s editorial, titled “Rebuilding Ukrainian science can’t wait — here’s how to start.”

One year on from Russia’s invasion, we’re urging the international research community to prioritize support for not only individual researchers and their teams, but also Ukraine’s science system as a whole.

Nature Editorial, 22 February 2023

This is exactly the type of action the ISC and its partners are putting into practice with actionable pathways being set to build capacity for Ukraine’s science system.

Conferences on the Ukraine crisis, 2022 and 2023

The ISC, along with its partners, has organized two conferences on the crisis.

In 2022 the ISC and partners – All European Academies (ALLEA), Kristiania University College, and Science for Ukraine – co-hosted the ‘Conference on the Ukraine Crisis: Responses from the European Higher Education and Research Sectors’.

The report of the conference, published in August 2022, included important lessons and recommendations on how to support the science sector in Ukraine and in other countries affected by conflict and disaster. 

The second conference on the Ukraine crisis, held in March 2023, one year after the start of the war, engaged with the insights and recommendations that emerged from the previous conference held in June 2022.

Read the reports

Conference on the Ukraine Crisis

Responses from the European Higher Education and Research Sectors

Second Conference on the Ukraine Crisis

Responses from the European Higher Education and Research Sectors

The ISC is collecting various information from the international scientific community on the war in Ukraine on this page. To submit, please contact

Featured: Polish Academy and the US National Academy of Sciences launch effort to help support Ukrainian researchers as they relocate to Poland

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences have launched a new long-term grant program to support research by Ukrainian scientists. The program was established with the aim of sustaining and eventually rebuilding a healthy research system in Ukraine despite the ongoing war.  

ISC statement

Webinar and launch

A call for action to support at-risk, displaced and refugee scientists: Science in Exile declaration launch

Watch the webinar

Calls for assistance

National Research Foundation of Ukraine (NRFU) has launched a fundraising campaign for grant support for researchers

In early March 2022, 100% of the 2022 grant budget allocated to NRFU was redirected to cover the defense needs. To compensate for these state budget reductions, the NRFU has launched a systematic fundraising strategy asking for contributions. Every contribution, no matter how small or large, will enable the NRFU to continue to deliver direct support to meritorious researchers working in Ukraine, to continue its work to establish world-class competitive research grantmaking in Ukraine’s research system, and to integrate Ukraine into the global research community. Learn more

Council of Young Scientists under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

A recent paper has been published by the young science group requesting calls for assistance.

Offers of assistance

Statements from ISC Members

Statements and resources from intergovernmental organizations

Disclaimer: Each organization is responsible for the facts and opinions expressed in this content, which are not necessarily those of the ISC or its partner organizations. 

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